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Tag! My Top 2 Books From 6 Genres!

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as promised it is Wednesday and here I am with another post for you all. Today's post is as the title says, my top two books from six genres tag. This is a tag that was started by Benjaminoftomes (click the link to see his video) in the YouTube book community. So let's dive right in!

Category Number 1: DISTOPIAN!


Look guys, I don't know how many times I've said this now, it's one of my favourite books, I couldn't not include it! So Divergent is set in a futuristic Chicago where society has split into 5 factions which are, Abnegation, Candor, Amity, Erudite, and Dauntless. At the age of sixteen each citizen will choose whether to stay in the faction they were born in or to move to a new faction and never see their friends or family again.


I freaking LOVED this book. It was just plain awesome for once, the girls soul focus and attention wasn't on falling for a guy, it was all about saving her little brother. She didn't want to get involved with the guy because she didn't want the distraction but you know every young adult book has some form of romance so she obviously gave in eventually. I am yet to read the sequel normally I would reserve judgement but I can tell you now I'm not going to like it. Why? LOVE TRIANGLE! That's why, for the love of god, why ruin the potential of the first book by using such a generic and tired old plot device.

Category Number 2: ROMANCE!


I loved this book the first time I read it. Yes it is your classic good rich girl falls in love with bad boy, they break up but ultimately get together in the end. You know the one, parents don't approve but she does it anyway because it feels right. I didn't really sell that book to you did I? Oh please just trust me, if you want a sweet high school romance that is definitely not explicit you should read this.


My oh my! I have no words, okay this is a  'NEW ADULT' book so you all know what that means it's a little explicit (okay maybe more than a little, but not as far as the likes of FSOG). Honestly if you don't finish this book with a RUSH CRUSH there's a problem, I don't know anyone who has come away from it and not loved him. Let's not forget that big twist though, yep that one I'm not going to tell you anything about (because I'm evil) you'll just have to read it for yourself. If New Adult Romance is your thing you need to read this! (That is unless you can't stand the insta-love plot device, if that pisses you off stay away)

Category Number 3: FANTASY!


This is a very long series of book that I would say sits, somewhere in-between middle grade and young adult. It's a fascinating read though. It's a world of magic, whether that be elemental or necromancer or maybe something else who knows what power you hold. Oh and there is also a skeleton detective, and vampires and other creatures. Let's just say it's crime fighting in the magical world of fantasy and it's a great ride.


Everyone and their dog has read this book, and if you're one of the few who hasn't, have you been living under a rock? no seriously where have you been this books popularity has sky-rocketed, not to mention there's a film coming out in August. Immerse yourself in the world of the Shadow-hunters, half angel half human, beings of a immense power who hunt demons. Monsters, nightmares, legends whispered around camp fires all the stories are true. Only the shadow-hunters can keep the balance in the fight against evil to protect the human world.

Category Number 4: SCI-FI!


Okay Across the Universe is set in the future where the ship Godspeed is taking hundreds of people in cryo sleep to a new world in the Centauri System. This book has romance, it has mystery and murder all around a central sci-fi story I think it's perfect for the young adult audience looking to get into the sci-fi genre but don't want to start with anything that's too challenging.


The story is set around a girl called Eve who should have died when she was hit by a streetcar, except her mother is a famous billionaire genetic scientist and somehow manages to heal her daughter completely. When the doctors said she would probably lose one of her legs. Whilst in recovery her mother sets her a challenge, using cutting edge virtual reality technology to design the perfect boy. It's the chance to play god. But her mother's research is about more than saving people's lives, she wants to create them too.

Category Number 5: PARANORMAL!


Now I know I have never mentioned this book before! We meet Kaylee Cavanaugh normal high school girl, on a night out with her friends. Hold on there's nothing paranormal going on here right? Wrong! It just so happens that Kaylee has this uncanny ability that allows her to sense when someone near her is about to die. (what a crap power to have). And when she senses this it doesn't matter what she does a force beyond her control  compels her to scream bloody murder. literally. All Kaylee wants is a normal life, but when her classmates drop dead for no reason only she knows who is going to be next. (In other words Ms Cavanaugh finding a boyfriend is the least of your worries.) If you're fans of paranormal romance you'll love this.


This book gave me chills and not in a good way. It creeped the living daylights out of me. Now I started reading this at night and had to put it down until morning because I got too scared. As soon as you flip the book over you are greeted with "THERE'S A REASON WE NEVER WENT BACK TO THE MOON." and on the front of the book there is "IT'S THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME - IF THEY MAKE IT BACK ALIVE". Now this book sets on three teenagers who win a chance to go on NASA's first mission to the moon in over forty years. Only when they get there, they aren't exactly alone. And that is all I am going to say (I bet you're wondering why I didn't put this in SCI-FI well read it and you'll find out)

Category Number 6: HISTORICAL FICTION!


I couldn't not include this book in this tag. Why? because it's pretty much the only historical fiction book that I have read and enjoyed. (That isn't a very long list though, I've read Kite Runner and To Kill A Mocking Bird and found both a little boring. Maybe it's because I had to study them both for my English class and being forced to read them over and over again is what made me dislike them so much.) Anyway back on topic this book is set in 1941 when the Soviet's invaded Lithuania and it's about one girls experience when she is captured by Soviet Guards. The tag line alone for this book gripped me and I had to read it "That morning, my brother's life was worth a pocket watch . . ." One thing I will tell you is that my dad took this book on holiday with him and normally he wont touch any books I read because he's not into the whole young adult, fantasy and romance kind of thing. But this book he liked, and think that show's what a powerful and gripping book this is.


Now I'm not entirely sure this counts as historical fiction. I mean it's based on an ancient Greek tale (The Iliad,) so let's just say that because I haven't really read much historical fiction that it counts. I am recommending this book on it's own. Not to turn you off it but I hated the sequel and am yet to read book 3. However Starcrossed I felt was beautiful and I have no issue's admitting I love it. So go read it, and if you don't mind love triangles I'm sure you'll love the sequel too, unlike me, but that's just personal preference.

So there you have it. I hope some of my recommendations will appeal to you. What would your top two books from each of these genres be? Let me know in the comments below and perhaps you can give me some new books to read.
As always thank you for taking the time to read this post I hope you enjoyed it, see you next time.


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